About Veela


Reiki Master Teacher, LMSW, Certified Trauma Professional, & Doula of Souls with backgrounds in transformational voice work & shamanism. My blood roots are of Celtic & Central Eurasian lineages. My spiritual training is eclectic.

My soul is lit up by warm heart connections with humans & animals, trees & plants, indigenous wisdom, sacred ceremony, singing, learning, reading, creating, & teaching. It is a blessed day when my soul expression can support the awareness or stoking of others’ sacred inner fires!

As a healer, trauma survivor, LGBTQ person, & human-in-general, it’s important to me on a personal level that everyone I work with feels heard, honored, & cared for. My heart is in this work; my goal is to facilitate comfort, healing, harmony, empowerment, & more, for all beings who seek it.


I can offer any of the following forms of Reiki & tend to use an eclectic approach unless special requests are made:

  • Usui Shiki Ryoho
  • Karuna™/ Holy Fire™ III
  • Shamanic & Crystal Reiki
  • Reiki for Animals


Seven years ago, I was feeling lost. I was disconnected from my purpose, & my magick. I was struggling with PTSD without knowing that I even had it. I wasn’t sure of who I was. I was working so hard, trying my very best to do whatever was in front of me, in a frantic search for the crucial, soul-fulfilling element I was missing.

What I was missing was my spirituality, my connection to myself & the earth, & my internal sense of safety. On a daily basis, Reiki empowers me, directly & indirectly, to cultivate the soul-fulfillment, connection, & safety I’ve always sought.

Immediately after receiving Reiki, I knew I had to pursue my own training. During & after each of my initial sessions, I felt lighter, calmer, more relaxed & whole in body, mind, & spirit. I felt that I would be ok, even if everything else wasn’t ok. My cup felt more full. After just 2 sessions, Reiki became a part of my daily life & I wanted to share this uplifting gift with others. So began this path.

Healing arts such as Reiki have blessed and improved my life physically, emotionally, and spiritually. My purpose now includes sharing these gifts with others.

My goal for my sessions is to offer comfort, & hold space for the activation of your healing, harmony, & personal empowerment. 

My hope is that our work together feels like a joyful, home-coming sigh of relief.

You can find a deeper version of my story, & a recent interview, right here.


I completed the entirety of my traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master Teacher training with Kai Altair of Alaria Healing Arts. I’m engaged in long-term Sacred Path training with Kai in Reiki, shamanic practices, & sacred sound.

I pursued additional training with William Lee Rand of the International Center for Reiki Therapy which empowers me to practice and teach Karuna™/Holy Fire™ III Reiki, & Usui/Holy Fire™ III Reiki at the Master Teacher level- both in-person & online.

I received my academic degrees, specializing in Psychology, Clinical Mental Health, & Health, from the SUNY & CUNY systems.

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