Veela’s Reiki Story

Everyone’s Reiki journey is unique. First, Reiki led me to activate my own comfort, healing, harmony, & empowerment. After it supported me through a difficult period in my life, I knew I was meant to share the gift of Reiki with others.

7 years ago, I was disconnected from my purpose, my magick, my needs & wants, my boundaries, & my feminine energy. I was struggling with trauma without knowing that I even had it. I was working so hard, trying my very best to overachieve whatever was in front of me, in a frantic search for that crucial soul-fulfilling element I was missing.

What I was missing was my connection to myself & to the earth, my spirituality, my internal sense of safety. I needed a teacher, I needed a guide, & I needed a goddamn hug. I needed someone to tell me that it was ok that I didn’t know exactly who I was, that it was ok to rest & to feel, to discover & create myself after a lifetime of shutting off my feelings.

I knew I was depressed, & anxious, & even somewhat lost. I thought that I was just a fragile, flawed person who should continue to power through life with as little vulnerability & emotional expression as possible. I was frustrated that I was working so hard, all for things in life that weren’t what my heart wanted- yet I was so disconnected from myself, that I didn’t even know what my heart wanted. My pain drove me to be so outwardly successful that I never fully realized just how uncomfortable I was- in my body, in my life- until I felt the tranquility & respite of Reiki. For me, Reiki was the first step to understanding what I wanted my life to feel like in this body.

Reiki first offered me immediate comfort. I melted back into my body with ease & joy, & it felt right & good for the first time in years. I felt like I was floating gently in a cloud, I was relaxed, warm, & filled with light & love. My mind became quieter, less judgmental, & overall, a safer place to be. While I was receiving Reiki, my body once again felt like home. Reiki improved the moment.

Then Reiki provided me with deep healing. Almost immediately, I felt a new sense of wholeness, resilience, & a personal understanding of the universal picture & how perfectly I fit into it. I’ve gained the ability to ease my symptoms of depression & anxiety in real time. I’ve used Reiki to manage my trauma, calm my nervous system, & to eventually reach a state of thriving rather than surviving. Reiki offered me the training wheels to achieve my own balance & equilibrium.

As my body’s inner wisdom directed the energy wherever it was needed by my body, mind, & spirit, Reiki led me to harmony, both within the framework of my being, & the limitless bounds of my environment. My moon cycle has become more regular, & I sleep better which results in brighter days. I notice the ways my body is affected by its surroundings, & so I have started to gravitate away from alcohol & unhealthy foods. I just don’t want them anymore! (Ok, I still eat too much chocolate- but that’s inarguably another powerful form of soul medicine!)

Reiki has a way of leading me to make better choices, whether to eat more cleanly & simply, seek new forms of healing, cut out whatever doesn’t serve me, make time for my creativity & play, & prioritize my needs & boundaries. I’ve noticed that in making choices like this, I have more vitality & I attract new opportunities; this, in turn inspires gratitude & confidence to delve even deeper into harmony & intuitive flow. The more my self-investment pays off, the more I want to invest in myself- it’s a beautiful, healthy spiral effect!

Last but not least, Reiki has empowered me. Not only to comfort & heal myself without pharmaceutical cocktails or health-sabotaging self-medication, but to help others begin their own healing journeys as well. Reiki allowed me to comfort my father through his dying process, & I used it to cope with my fears,  grief, & extreme tension from sitting in crisis mode in his hospital room for 33 days. I used Reiki to care for my mother when I didn’t have words to say, or energy of my own to give. Now, Reiki is empowering me with a love-driven life as a healer & teacher, in direct service to others.

The best way to learn about Reiki, is to experience it directly, & it would be my honor & joy to guide you on this journey.

You can book a session with me here & contact me here.

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