What is Reiki?

The #1 takeaway is that the best way to grow your understanding of Reiki is to experience it directly. Depending on who’s asking, my answer to this question can vary greatly because it’s important to meet each person right where they are- direct experience is still the best teacher yet! Reiki journeys unfold uniquely forContinue reading “What is Reiki?”

Veela’s Reiki Story

Everyone’s Reiki journey is unique. Reiki led me to activate my comfort, healing, harmony, & empowerment. After just 2 sessions, I knew I was meant to share this gift with others. 7 years ago, I was lost. I was disconnected from my purpose, my magick, my needs & wants, my boundaries, & my feminine energy.Continue reading “Veela’s Reiki Story”

What to Expect from a Reiki Session with Veela

Currently, I am offering distance Reiki sessions. Distance Reiki is just as effective as in-person Reiki, & you have the choice of connecting via video chat, call, or text for the duration of the session. Setting I recommend you settle into a safe, comfortable place where you won’t be disturbed. You can lie down, recline,Continue reading “What to Expect from a Reiki Session with Veela”