Autumnal Reflections + Interview

I’ve been enjoying autumnal nature medicine, savoring the last fruits of my summer garden, swinging in my hammock swing, bundled in cozy blankets to help me withstand the emerging subtle chill that permeates to the bone even when the wind is still. I know fall is finally here when this chill doesn’t go away, evenContinue reading “Autumnal Reflections + Interview”

Group Reiki vs. Individual Sessions?

This week, I led a Reiki experience for my largest group ever- 14 people! Under canopies of rustling palms, in the dewy jungle at Tulili Tulum, we lay in a circle on yoga mats to welcome the gentle but powerful energy of Karuna™/Holy Fire III™ Reiki. Afterwards my group described their experiences with words suchContinue reading “Group Reiki vs. Individual Sessions?”

Which Medicine is More Powerful? Nature vs. Reiki?

Disclaimer: This is absolutely a trick question, because Reiki is a part of nature! (In fact, Dr. Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki first described it as the Usui Natural System of Healing.) As you’ll see illustrated in my story below, nature can work in similar ways to Reiki, inspiring seekers to drop into theirContinue reading “Which Medicine is More Powerful? Nature vs. Reiki?”