Autumnal Reflections + Interview

I’ve been enjoying autumnal nature medicine, savoring the last fruits of my summer garden, swinging in my hammock swing, bundled in cozy blankets to help me withstand the emerging subtle chill that permeates to the bone even when the wind is still. I know fall is finally here when this chill doesn’t go away, even in the warmth of the afternoon sun. The sea of red, orange, & yellow leaves raining & billowing in all directions certainly drive the point home.

It’s time to let go, of summer warmth & leaving home with no jacket, of long, sunny days & getting lost in time outdoors, sitting in the soft lap of the grass, communing with bumble bees & one delightful & (delicious!) lavender rosebush. Every fall, my heart breaks as I say “goodbye for now,” to some of my favorite things on this planet, my favorite things in my life.

Even when the days become dark, & warmth is harder to find, I am grateful for the reminders given by the cycle of the seasons to cherish each moment & create time for grief, & emptiness, stillness, & reflection. There is a time for everything. All the things I love & am missing will come back again in new form one day. For now, it is time to hold the memories close & make alchemical magic with the feelings they bring. It is time for slowing down, & for self-care.

As evidenced by all the little sniffles as the seasons change, we must slow down & care for ourselves to avoid falling out of balance. I received a challenging reminder of this just last week in the form of a terrible flu. Now that I am recovered, I’m here to remind you based on my experience that we don’t have to plunge into the underworld of sickness to begin taking better care of ourselves & inviting health-sustaining, life-affirming practices into our spheres.

I am here & offering sessions if you are craving some soothing Reiki relaxation. If you are looking to be Reiki trained, I will be offering this as well on a one-on-one basis. Please reach out to me. Last but not least, here is my recent interview with Subkit where I describe why I do this work.

With tender loving care, Veela 🌱

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