Group Reiki vs. Individual Sessions?

This week, I led a Reiki experience for my largest group ever- 14 people! Under canopies of rustling palms, in the dewy jungle at Tulili Tulum, we lay in a circle on yoga mats to welcome the gentle but powerful energy of Karuna™/Holy Fire III™ Reiki.

Afterwards my group described their experiences with words such as, “comforting,” “relaxing,” “tender,” “warm,” “energizing,” “nurturing,” “floaty,” “dreamy,” & “self-care.”

My favorite work has always been one-on-one sessions, whether in-person or from a distance. I love honing in on each individual & learning their unique needs & ways of receiving. I love creating a special container for each client, & sharing any intuitive perceptions that may arise during the session. Whenever a client says, “THANK YOU! That was everything I needed,” it fans the excitable flames of my being.

Hearing each person’s testimony at the end of this group experience had a powerful impact on me. It showed me that I have the capacity to offer more healing to more people at once. While large group experiences may be less individualized, they ultimately allow me to accomplish my mission of offering more opportunity for comfort & healing to those who seek it.

Would you be interested in participating in a low-cost Reiki group via Zoom one evening each month? If so, please reach out to me here via email.

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