Which Medicine is More Powerful? Nature vs. Reiki?

Tiny mushrooms, bursting excitedly into the world held lovingly by this Maple

Disclaimer: This is absolutely a trick question, because Reiki is a part of nature! (In fact, Dr. Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki first described it as the Usui Natural System of Healing.) As you’ll see illustrated in my story below, nature can work in similar ways to Reiki, inspiring seekers to drop into their bodies in a state of relaxation & comfort. This calm state pauses stressful fight-or-flight responses, allowing the body to begin repairing itself, & introducing a sense of comfort, wellbeing, & rejuvenation. (Here you can find more on what to expect from a Reiki session with me!)

Walking frazzled on the street, I had the thought, “I’m having such a BAD DAY!” & then realized this would continue unless I took a moment to calm my nervous system & offer any negative energies to the earth to be absorbed.

I placed my hands on this welcoming Maple, & no sooner had I parted my lips to speak my intent, I see these tiny, precious little mushrooms, springing forth from the bark with all their might, only a fraction the size of my fingernail! I had no choice but to smile at this cute microcosm right at my eye-level, as if it were waiting just for me. This experience took me right out of my ruminating mind, & into my body to a place of joy, amusement, & connectedness. 🍄

I asked this great welcoming tree, to absorb & transmute any “bad-day” energies that still remained in my body. I stayed a few minutes with my hands on her bark, breathing deeply to co-regulate my nervous system to the perfect rhythms of the tree, & the little moss & mushroom colonies she was also nurturing.

After giving back #Reiki blessings in thanks for the support, I walked away with my heart so full from this encounter. Nature is ALWAYS here for us. Every living being has a body that is capable of wordless love, nurturance, & connection. Nature reflects our own love back to us.

Especially for those of us experiencing neurodivergence, PTSD, or otherwise overwhelmed nervous systems, turning to the conscious allyship of our tree, plant, mineral, & animal friends can help us feel more safe & grounded. Turning to our natural allies for connection & support can transmute a bad day into a good day 🥰

I invite you to try this & tell me below how it goes for you! You can also go here to schedule a distance Reiki session with me.

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