What to Expect from a Reiki Session with Veela

Currently, I am offering distance Reiki sessions. Distance Reiki is just as effective as in-person Reiki, & you have the choice of connecting via video chat, call, or text for the duration of the session.


I recommend you settle into a safe, comfortable place where you won’t be disturbed. You can lie down, recline, sit, etc. You may wish to have relaxing music playing quietly. (A favorite is Song: Music to Journal by, Artist: Julie True.)

What to Expect

While the Reiki works regardless of what you’re doing, it can be most rewarding to tune into the breath & the sensations in your body as you receive it. You may notice heat, cooling, buzzing, tingling, liquidity, pulsing, etc. throughout your body & you may see colors or hear sounds. You may feel emotions bubble up- it’s good to feel through this as much as you can. It’s also likely your mind will wander, you may feel nothing at all, or you may fall asleep. Under every circumstance the Reiki is working & I look forward to hearing your experiences after the session.

After the Session

You may feel relaxed, sleepy, or refreshed & invigorated. Note that you may be more sensitive to substances such as caffeine, alcohol, & drugs for up to a week. (I wouldn’t recommend indulging for the first 24-48 hours.) Plan to baby yourself for the following 24-48 hours. Sometimes in the event of deep clearing, detox effects can temporarily occur, including but not limited to: emotional sensitivity, digestive issues, typical cold symptoms like headache & runny nose. While not everyone experiences detox symptoms after Reiki, this is normal & temporary & should be welcomed as a necessary part of the healing process. As sessions continue, this effect typically disappears.

Mode of Communication

Your comfort is paramount. Before the session, please share your choice with me as to whether you would prefer text, call, or Zoom for our distance session.

Safety & Comfort

I know from personal experience that it can feel vulnerable to invite a new person into your healing journey. As a trauma survivor, I began my practice with an intention to be in special service to survivors of trauma. While this does not apply to every client I work with, I want you to know it’s my goal to make sure you feel safe emotionally & physically during our work together. I encourage you to freely say, feel, & express anything that may come up. Please let me know, at any time, if there is something I should know to create a safe, welcoming space for you.

Do you have any questions for me? Contact me here and book a session here.

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